Friday, March 14, 2008

Admit it!

Lower Marsh is the COOLEST street in London.

It might look shabby on the surface but there's more crazy sheet going on down here than in so-called cool places such as Shoreditch.

The latest shop to open is dedicated to knitting...


  1. Its official now. You can expect half a dozen antique shops next week, followed by some chic bistros with all the coffee stores (two of each) the week after.

  2. oh my, trips to Lower Marsh just got more expensive. If an ukulele shop ever moves in too I'm going to be in deep deep trouble...

  3. I Knit London have a book club - perhaps there's room for collaboration here? If Cafe Traiteur supplied some their excellent coffee and croissants then some us need never go home again.

  4. I agree entirely. This is going to be an even more dangerous street to walk down than before! although in a very good way. Knitting, books, food, the best hot chocolate ever - all in one place. Doesn't get much better :)