Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nasal Douche

Adam posted a rather yucky poo related ting further down. It reminded me of this book I once started to read. I forget the name of it now but it was a sort of yoga type maintenance manual for the human body. Not only did it have a whole chapter on the best posture for crapping it also referred to nasal douching. This is the practice of forcing warm water through the sinuses. It is supposed to help releave the symptoms of colds. I am totally bunged up after Finn and I messed about in the storms and rain so I am giving it a try this evening.

If I look a little bulbous tomorrow you know what happened...


  1. Hey Hi, I have come across your blogs many a times. They are very interesting and sometimes mind blowing. Sharing your views is great.

  2. Nose blowing really

  3. Its great and mind blowing and even interesting. Its good to share the views with everyone. Good job!!!