Thursday, March 20, 2008


Sometimes this blog bugs the hell out of me...

We love what we do ok?

We also work bloody hard, despite what the nonsense we spout on here may suggest.

If you think what we do is easy then come and have a go, do your thing, make it happen.

You'll soon see how easy it is...


  1. Is this an obscure job advertisement? Id love to take you up on your offer, obviously I am under no illusions as to the ease of the job, and as mentioned elsewhere am adept at administering nasal douches. It would be a great way for me to escape my current job and start working in something I am actually interested in, you see...thats books, rather than nose related pursuits.

  2. well...the word work already sounds gloomy is never easy mate..

  3. Did someone question the work ethic of book sellers?

  4. LOL. We had this recently too...I think it was jealous knitters though. They almost suggested that because we ar a business organising our knittingg roup, running a shop, putting together a big show was somehow...easy!

    Yeah, going back to our pre-IKL jobs wuold be the easy option, trying to make yarn ends meet is another matter altogether...