Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lazy bastards

So it's easter and we'll be closed from tomorrow until tuesday morning. Lazy, lazy, lazy. Or rather, we could be sat here twiddling our thumbs and open while the rest of the marsh shuts up shop for four days but as past and painful experience tells us, sitting in a shop all day and taking fifty quid for your troubles is a soul destroying experience.

So, tell us, what would you do?


  1. If I was you, I'd definitely close down the shop and go out for a long ride on your bicycle.

  2. yes...i would also close down the shop and do something more satisfying...

  3. If you notice an old-lady-shaped dent in your shutters- it was 'cos I was blown against 'em in the snow and wind on Saturday, broke my brolly following the tumbleweed down Lower Marsh into Iceland, and yes, the same old geezers were in there, the ones that looked like you two in 20 years time, except one had a moustache even longer than mine and they were checking out the special offers in sausagemeat

    the HC buns were sold out and the choc eggs left were shite

    so very sensible to close, hope you went somewhere warm and cosy

    it's early morning now, so to bed, pink cava and p--- don't mix as they say...

  4. Just been into your shop for the fist time yesterday - I wish you had been there when I lived on the Cut; I could've been a 'regular' :) One of you was talking about maps in a book with interest and passion.. I ♥ independent book shops

    Anyhow, I hope you did have a nice Easter, and shut the shop, and you were lolling about in bed eating chocolate and reading - perfect!