Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The answer my friend, has just blown away in the wind...

All this rollocks about a big storm coming wound me up no end over the weekend. I have a real dislike of weather predicting people.

"So you think you can predict the future do you clever beard? Come on then - it's Cheltenham this week. Who do you fancy? Not so clever now are you eh? Eh? Micheal Fish eh?"

One of the reasons I dislike them so much is the fact they are generally right. Don't you hate it when people are mostly right?

The other reason is my wife is in thrall to their skills. She will merrily tell me how terrible the weather is going to be and that we might as well shut ourselves indoors with plenty of tinned food until it's safe enough to go out. A woman was knocked out in Hampstead by a flying shop sign don't you know...

Well the weather wasn't so bad yesterday. Finn and I boldly set off for the park in the pouring rain - I with my trusty hat on (If you've got a hat on you'd hardly know it's raining. And nobody notices I'm going bald. And I like to think a hat confers a certain dignity on a man.) and Finn in his Bob the Builder jacket.

The park was empty. Finn splashed in the puddles a lot. He had his boots on but those only go up to mid shin and the splashing was very splashy. He was soaked from head to foot.

We then accidentally invented a new spectator sport. Crossing the basketball courts on our way home we stopped for a kick about. The buggy was caught by a strong gust and set off by itself! What a lark.

"Again! Again!"

This magic worked several times. The buggy would set off, I would yell GOWARN DERE BUGGY! in football watching mode and Finn would leg it yelling BUYGY! BUYGY! It's a Maclaren. You can tell it was designed by the people who made the undercarriage for Spitfire. We even managed to attract the attention of a couple of community wardens who were looking for trouble. They heard our weird yelling and turned up expecting a crowd of glue sniffing urchins but it was just good old dad messing about...

Finn now has a nasty cold. Arse. But fun were had and bad weather was dissed. Shove that in yer pipe and smoke it ya beardy clever sandals bunch.

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  1. WOW! An old lady was just blown into the shop!

    Now she's buying a book!