Friday, March 07, 2008

World Book Day Was Yesterday

In case you missed it.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago we attracted a great deal of attention by selling Harry Potter at full price and then giving all the profits to the local school - Johanna Primary.

I went in there yesterday morning for a special assembly. The head teacher, Di, showed the children some of the books she had when she was a child. She explained how expensive books used to be and how special she felt these books that she owned had been to her and her family.

Then she showed the children some of the books I had brought. They all seemed to have read Handa's Surprise and Philip Pullman's Northern Lights but were wowed by Gallop

We raised a little over £500 for the school and they have come up with a great way of spending the money.

When the children do good work they are given stars. When they have a certain number of stars they will come to visit us at the bookshop and can choose a book to take away for free.

I was applauded, blushed and then had to hand out the prizes for a school handwriting competition.

Di and her staff are doing a fantastic job. This is a tough inner-city school that was failing badly. But Di has turned things around and the latest OFSTEd report was very good. A handy reminder of how lucky I am to be able to sell books for a living. Some people really work...

Crockatt & Powell - yeah, we ROCK - but we CARE too!


  1. Must be a great feeling to have raised 500 pounds. The star system sounds excellent. I think I will approach one or two book stores with the same idea. There are so many children that don't even read. I'm sure the impetuous of being able to pick out a new book would be a fine incentive for them to read more.

  2. What about when the £500 runs out? Maybe you could keep up a collection in the shop for customers to donate to, so the scheme can run and run.

  3. Marie - I think we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. £500 should last a good while. I think the children have to be quite good before they "earn" a book...

    BTW did you listen to singing the fishing? There's a great bit about 15 mins in where the women take over. Mostly seem to have come down from Scotland - some very dirty minded old ladies! (If you can understand what they are saying )

    Lilalia - see above.

  4. Sorry Lilalia - I wrote a long post about the "google generation" but even I was bored by it!