Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Another boring cycling post

I've noticed over the last year and particularly this winter the increased deterioration in the roads. Potholes, cracks, surfaces washed away, lumps and bumps. This deterioration has taken place mainly along bus routes and seems to have coincided with the increased number of buses on the roads including the very heavy bendy ones.

Sharing bus lanes is now more and more hazardous. There are some potholes on my way home that are atleast 6 inches deep. Yet when they are repaired they are done so cursorily and the problem soon arises again.

The roads are maintained by local boroughs financed through council tax. Buses are run by Transport for London via the Mayors office and financed through tickets and fares.

Increased damage caused by TfL is only going to create difficulties between them and the boroughs and I can only see the problem getting worse.

Or is this only me?


  1. Adam

    Not sure about your TFL vs the boroughs conflict theory, but I do know a better route in to your shop that avoids bendy bus madness and cavernous potholes. It's too long to give details here but I'll pop in and let you know

    Andrew, rider of the pink bike

  2. adam, have you heard of
    or something like that- I'll try and dig out the e-mail I was sent about it.
    I just cycled from to Kings Cross via herne Hill and it was pretty bad.

    p.s. saber was talking about your annonymous blogger (not a problem we have- where's Clive Keeble when you need him)- I know you have a prime suspect but to add my 2 pennyworth, I reckon middle aged and a Clash fan- the bit about Hitler and launch parties seems a steal from White Man in Hammersmith Palais- 'if Adolph Hitler flew in today, they'd send a limosine anyway' or something like that-

    have i just done that twice?

  3. Yes, I've seen the site. They do come and fill the hole but it is done so badly that the repair won't last 5 minutes.

    And I think you're Mr Anonymous and ours are 2 different people. Who we have in mind is quite different. Unless you're owning up to something... middle aged Clash fan.

    And Andrew, I'm always up for a new route.