Friday, February 23, 2007

Every Fulham has an Oscar lining

I was supposed to be off tomorrow and watching Ireland beat the crap out of England at Croke Park (I'm half Irish, not a turncoat). A truly historic event.

But then Matthew comes along and grumbles something about Man Utd playing at Craven Cottage tomorrow.

Well I can't really stand between a season ticket holder and his team getting whupped by northern boys, can I?

But now I find out that the oscars are on sky movies on sunday night, through the night and as I now don't have to work on monday I can stay up all night and watch it because I'm a grown up and can do that sort of thing.

Ah, everything really is for the best in really the best of all possible worlds...


  1. Wake up humming George Michael's You Gotta Have Faith...

    No signals or signs re the match today but everyone is convinced we're going to lose.

    Even my dad just said "I mean you're not going to win are you? No chance."

    But there's always a chance as any fan knows.

    Come on lads, let's get miraculous!

  2. The BBC are showing the game on their website. I fucking love the BBC.

  3. We did lose - but only just...

    If only Davies had scored when he was one on one with Edwin in the second half...

    If only Radzinski had scored rather than heading against the bar...

    Even Jose thought we should have won. Perhaps our only consolation is the hope that Man Utd will go on and win the title.