Friday, February 16, 2007

Publishers sort it out - good stuff John Wiley!

Adam posted lower down about some useless small publisher that shall remain nameless (and forever small judging by their total lack of get up and go!) that could not deliver books in a hurry.

I had the opposite experience just now.

We had a call from a customer who works locally for a large institution. She wanted to order some books for said institution - a lot of books - a lot of the same book. It was published by John Wiley.

I not only negotiated a small extra discount for our customer - thanks Lesley - but there was some urgency to the matter. The books were paid for up front and needed for Wednesday next week. I decided it would be best to have them for Tuesday, just to be sure. After a call to Wiley I was told they would see what they could do and...

...9am this morning they ring. The books were out of the warehouse yesterday and are out for delivery TODAY.

All together now THAT'S THE WAY TO DO IT

Thanks Wiley and all your brilliant customer service team. There is always a way.

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  1. This reminds me of some small (and small-minded) bookshops I've come across that don't take American Express or don't accept cards for payments under 10 quid. Such poor service! Small is not always beautiful! I shop now at WH Smith where they take Amex and accept payments on cards for as little money as you like because they care about their customers. No doubt C&P will censor these comments for reasons you can guess at, as they always do.