Thursday, February 15, 2007

Product Recall

Sainsbury's King Prawn Makhani and cans of Old Speckled Hen ale.

When combined can produce extremely adverse side effects in the bowel. Return to the supplier immediately.


  1. I briefly posted about the state of our loo and how it had become "self cleaning" - post was then removed for two reasons.

    1: It was a bit of a yucky post.

    2: I now see I was wrong - it was obviously the corrosive effects of Prawn curry that cleaned the loo!

    PS We have a book in stock called Poo. It is all about Poo.

    Also have a book called The Snot Book. Wonder what that's about?

    Infantile? Us?

  2. Can I just make it clear to sporadic readers that I don't work here any more?

  3. The Crockatt and Powell toilet is a marvel, like some hidden away art installation, or perhaps some ancient wonder hidden in a secred grotto, accessed only after an arduous and dangerous assent by devout pilgrims.

  4. We usually refer to it as a fart installation...boom boom tshish!

    Sorry Marie, I should have made clear that on your arrival we had to buy a loo brush. And lots of cleaning products.

    Ahh, times change, Marie moves on, but the bog remains the same...