Thursday, February 22, 2007

Comedy Night - Our Man In Waterloo Reports

Crockatt & Powell was a scene of devastation this morning after Daniel Kitson and Ivor Dembina tore the place to pieces leaving many dead and forever wounded in their wake. Laughter is a good thing but in such side-splitting quantities it can be dangerous as was proved in Waterloo last night.

After a short intro from Kitson who dealt with an 8 year old heckler and then his dad, Dembina took the stage. The Crockatt & Powell bog made an (inevitable) appearance in his set. A certain tipsy Scotsman was later to allege that he "nearly fell into it".

Then there was a break during which more free booze was splashed about the place by owners Adam and Matthew. They seemed to lurk in a dark corner all night while drinking the bar and roaring with laughter, displaying a casual attitude towards business that a year's successful bookselling has enabled them to affect.

Then Kitson took the stage and things got out of hand. Smiles expanded until heads exploded. People literally laughed their guts out. Several people had to be helped away by men in white coats. The scene was one of uproar. Fireworks were going off all over the shop and at one point Kitson was seen to spit his chewing gum into a £10 note - an allegation that was later hotly denied. "I was just holding a pound in the air and yelling I've got a pound, everybody, gather round, for we can do ANYTHING NOW!" said Kitson.

Who are these men of mystery - Crockatt & Powell? Can they carry on entertaining the public in such outrageous style or will the burning sun of their combined creative energies destroy them? Only time will tell...But one thing is certain - a good time was had by all and the reputation of bookshops being dull places was dashed to pieces.

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