Monday, February 12, 2007


Matthew and I's old boss is opening a new bookshop in Bath, a town of 160,000 that already carries 2 independents and a big Waterstone's.

The London borough of Lambeth numbers some 260,000 souls and has, erm... us, a book warehouse and an indie on Clapham High Street.

There must be some untapped market potential there somewhere. Don't ya thunk?


  1. Bath in recent years has been a bookseller's graveyard : both to the new and secondhand booktrade.

    There are many other locations which I would choose ahead of Bath ; I'm sure that Harry Wainwright (Oldfield Park Bookshop) will have a litle chuckle to himself at the prospects of another incomer.

  2. It's going to be quite interesting. Needless to say Matthew and I were a bit shocked at the location but this particular bookseller has a bit of a track record. If I were Waterstones, I'd be a little concerned...