Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lost Again...

So far today I have hand sold ten copies of Catherine O'Flynn's brilliant debut What Was Lost.

Why am I so excited about this book? Let's just say I have a feeling about this one. I think it's going to be the word of mouth buzz book that comes out of nowhere to win prizes and adulation...

The last book I felt like this about was Stuart, A Life Backwards. Before that it was We Need To Talk About Kevin.

Small publisher plus unknown author from Birmingham = ?

It's up to you lot.

Let's make Catherine's book a bestseller.

A good start would be coming in to C & P and buying a copy. (In fact anyone setting foot in C & P over the next few weeks may well find they have bought a copy without meaning to!)

Of course you don't need to move from your computer screen. info@crockattpowell.com

Send us an e-mail and we'll take it from there.


  1. If I try and explain it will sound crap...but here goes...

    The first section is narrated by a 10 year old detective. She is waiting for a crime to happen so she can solve it. Spends most of her days at the local (massive) shopping centre watching suspects with her stuffed monkey.

    Section two is twenty odd years later. The main characters are a security guard at the shopping centre who does the night shift. He has a tragic past.

    Other main character works in a discount record shop as assistant manager. She hates her job/life.

    Let's just say they meet and there is a connection with the small detective...

    But Marie, rather like your own book, it's about the writing. Just brilliant writing.

    Want a copy?

  2. Yep, put one aside for me and I'll pick it up next time I'm in.

  3. Eleven! Yes...

    Now I have to sell some more to the poetry parlour crew.

    That's right, two nights in a row I'm here "working" ie getting pissed up and chatting about books.

  4. As I said previously: I agree with you Matthew; if this book doesn't win a prize or two the there's no justice. And I hate to say it, but, being objective, it would make a great choice for Richard and Judy.

    Anyhow, I think we've got south London covered then.

  5. I said to Catherine when she was here that if there was any justice in the world the book would be massive.

    Then we both laughed - justice? This world? You must be bloody joking!

    Still, let the bookselling commence - I'm sure we can make it a seller in Crystal Palace and Waterloo at the very least...

  6. this sounds like a really good book, will it be too challenging?

  7. Absolutely not, anonymous. It is a very funny book, and the mystery narrative kicks in around halfway through and drives it to the dramatic climax.

  8. Joyfeed - lovely site...

    Do you have guerilla gardeners in Birmingham?

    They are rampant in Waterloo.

  9. OK post me one please.You`re quite good at the selling bit

  10. "What Was Lost is an exceptional, polyphonic novel of urban disaffection, written with humour and pathos. Kate's deceptively jaunty diary entries reveal a consumer-driven society choking on its own loneliness; a ghost story; and an examination of unspeakable loss."

    No not my words, but those of THE GUARDIAN this very morning.

    Society choking on its own loneliness. Great stuff.

  11. Hi Susan - will pop one in the post on Sunday. Trying to get Mr Pack to read it as well...

    Hi Joyfeed - it's a great review. Bit small though don't you think? Need to force them to do a full pager next by selling so many copies it becomes impossible to ignore!

  12. Er, maybe Monday - my enthusiasm is getting the better of me again...