Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I was only 23 minutes late

It would appear my alarm clock only tries to wake me up for an hour before the snooze button goes back to, um, snoozing.

Good reason though.

Great launch party for Catherine O'Flynn's What Was Lost. Lots of lovely people from somewhere outside the M25 and, we think, a good time had by all.

But I'll leave Matthew to post. I think he may have more things to say as I have to go and clear away a few wine bottles.

Only the second time in 14 months I've opened up late. That has to be good, doesn't it?


  1. Could you, in some odd way, be fishing for a compliment or a bit of praise for the "only" 23 minutes delay?

    Maybe you should be a spin doctor.

  2. Man, you guys are so desperate for book launches, you would host Hitler, if he repackaged Mein Kampf in a popular animated cover and a store bulk discount.

  3. anon you are clearly beyond help!

    it would be good if you never came back but i suppose that's too much to ask

    To all those with brains out there I hope it is clear we like launch parties because, believe it or not, we kind of like books, bookselling, authors etc...