Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Customer Service

We have a big order from an educational institution. Most of the stock has to be sourced from America. I e-mailed a list of around 50 isbn's to Baker & Taylor, our American wholesaler and the next morning a spreadsheet arrived in the inbox with availability and prices and the order fulfilled.

I can't think of a single supplier in this country that would be that damned efficient.

Yesterday I phoned a small publisher about getting some of their stock down for an event we're hosting - for free.

'Now, that would mean me parceling them up, getting my coat on and going down to the post office thingy and that's going to cost you money I'm afraid.'

Shove your books up your arse.


  1. I PROMISE we're not all like that. Snowbooks, TFP, Accent, A&B, and loads others - we would all courier books over that day, print up POS, put on zombie costumes (well, snowbooks would - can't speak for the others on the zombie one) - whatever it took, because we know what's good for us. I half feel like apologising on behalf of whoever it was, and half like going round and giving them a clip round the back of the head.

  2. I know, I know. The vast majority of small publishers are brilliant. It was just the stark contrast between the brilliant huge company and the idiotic small one that irked me so.

    Too quick to temper is my problem...

  3. No, you're quite right. You should be irked. That's why it's so bloody annoying when the actions of one tars us all. Bah.

  4. Apart from the rudeness, the words shooting. self and foot spring to mind. Until this january when we got a distributor, I spent ten years packing books, taking small orders to the Post Office, de blah. We even got some chauffeured to you once as I recall. That is what being a small publisher is, it`s what you DO. Jeez.

  5. This reminds me of some small (and small-minded) bookshops I've come across that don't take American Express or don't accept cards for payments under 10 quid. Such poor service! Small is not always beautiful! I shop now at WH Smith where they take Amex and accept payments on cards for as little money as you like because they care about their customers. No doubt C&P will censor these comments for reasons you can guess at, as they always do.

  6. Anon - please go away.

    You don't like us, we don't like you.

    Nobody is forcing you to shop anywhere or do anything but is it really too much to ask you not to come back onto this blog?