Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sucker for Love

Inspired by this post from our fellow indie Johnathan I thought I'd better pay homage to the Romance ting.

So off I pop to local posh cake shop Konditor & Cook to purchase something yummy for my beloved. Strode in and spotted just the thing right away - a little box of three mini luvvy cakes, all pink and stuff. (Three - that's two for her and maybe one for me?) Small sign said £2.75 - fine I thought. Held out a tenner. £8.25 appeared on the till...

...when you're holding out a tenner like that you can't take it back really. They were £2.75 for one! 3 for £8.25. So there you go, mugged for love.

Once again it crosses my mind - we're in the wrong business!

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