Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Comment on Comments...

This blog is fun.

From time to time it is more than that, in that it manages to attract attention to C & P, a tiny dot in the bookselling Universe. One of our first ever posts was a challenge to Scott Pack, then chief buyer at Waterstones, to an "actual" fight. We were surprised when he responded, then pleased to have our preconceived (though as we soon discovered ignorant) ideas destroyed by the fact he was a good bloke...

We also use the blog to let people know about events or books we are into. The example of Caroline O'Flynn below shows how we try to use the blog to generate interest in books that we feel are brilliant and deserve lots of attention but are not in all the papers etc.

Comments are always welcome.

But there are times when they are not so welcome! The internet is an amazing phenomena in that it enables us to have great, personal, bookselling relationships with folk all over the world. (We regularly send books to readers abroad who know us only through the blog!) But the internet also allows idiots and downright nutters the opportunity to make a nuisance of themselves. You may have seen a few "anonnymous" comments on the blog recently. We are pretty sure we know who is responsible and have done everything in our power to stop him from making his annoying views known. But we can't stop him from commenting as anon without vetting all the comments we receive 99% of which are fine.

In a way this is both an appeal to anon to leave us alone. Just go away.

It is also an apology to anyone who has found his posts annoying/offensive in any way.

Now, back to the records...

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  1. Who do you think it is? Name and shame!