Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Rumour has it we're in the London Evening Standard today.

Have we been shooting our mouths off again?


It's all about local artist/hero Banksy...not seen it yet...
If you look very very very closely you can see adam talking about "corporate vandalism" though he claims not to have said that exactly. Good free publicity though - thanks Standard folk.


  1. In fact if you click on the pic it comes up a lot bigger!

    Also get a flavour of the local area - love the bit about the pile of rubbish at the side of the shop...

  2. shame they got your address wrong though - tsk tsk evening standard!

  3. Well anon - not as simple as it seems...

    Though the part of the street we are on is now usually known as Lower Marsh those with long memories remember the days when there was a market that stretched from Borough, along the Cut and down to Lambeth walk. Our Street has often been referred to as Lower Cut.

    Many local people use both names!

    Your assertion that the Standard has made a mistake is, in fact, an indication of your conservative desire for things to be fixed, nailed down and organised.

    Maybe you are a bureaucrat? Or work for a large and faceless, corporate institution?