Thursday, February 15, 2007

shadenfrood or, just plain mean

Cycling in this morning down the main road I see a fella in a shiny sports car trying to pull out of a side street. One of those situations where two cars are trying to turn into the street and two cars trying to get out. One quickly turns, fella in sports car decides to just pull out. The little Hyundai going about their business driving normally down the main road has no option but to drive into the side of the shiny sports car.

I could see it all happening as if in slow motion.

And before I knew it, how I laughed. I even slowed down past the sports car to lob some abuse at the bloke. 'You f**king idiot!'

I am a bad person and I'm going to hell.

On the other hand... I've been nearly killed so many times by idiots in shiny cars just pulling out of side streets that this one felt like a kind of retribution. But why do I still feel guilty?


  1. I should add that nobody was hurt.

  2. I reversed into a shiny car when I was parking once. The bloke got out and came over looking for a ruck.

    "Look at that!" he yelled, pointing to what appeared to be a tiny scratch.

    I licked my finger and rubbed it over the offending mark - and it vanished.

    "Don't worry mate, it just needs a clean" I said...

    (No I didn't! I just looked at him and he growled about me "being lucky")

  3. Oh don`t worry Adam, people driving cars get totally used to cyclists calling them that Happens here in Gloucestershire every day.