Friday, February 23, 2007

The Most Famous Imogen in the World...

...just came into the shop.

Put Imogen into Google (task bar) and the first name to come up is Imogen Heap.

I think this means she is the most famous Imogen in the world.

Anyway she's off to Japan and was reading The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. I gave her a proof of Michel Onfray's book In Defense of Atheism. Adam read it on holiday recently and it was so good it was abducted by monkeys. (I related this story to Imogen as an explanation for the mud spattered state of the cover.)

She seemed really chuffed and said she would bring us a CD when she's next in the country.

I had a feeling she might be famous. After several miserable failures to recognise famous folk I have perfected a sort of famousvibeometer that works to a degree.

"Adam, I think there was just someone famous in the shop."

"Who was it?"

"Er, she was called Imogen. It won't help if I just put Imogen into Google will it?"

Oh yes it will...

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  1. Ooh. Now I know someone 'cool' I can talk about with 'the kids'. Cheers.

    BTW, you seem to be having the same Blogger 'double line break' problem we've had (no doubt having updated to the new version of blogger - which I have been seriously underwhelmed with thus far...)